About Global Limits Manager
Global Limits Manager is our trade receivables management platform, designed to provide clients with greater visibility over their trade receivables asset and helping clients more accurately assess and monitor the risk of trading with their customers on credit terms.  Global Limits Manager links directly into a client's accounts receivables system and uses its in-depth understanding of the receivables performance to:
  • Set customer credit limits based on actual trading experience, supplemented where necessary with regularly updated credit reference information, thereby providing greater credit limit certainty
  • Assess and regularly monitor the customer portfolio for signs of payment delinquency and increasing risk
  • Provide portfolio wide risk aggregation tools across multiple subsidiaries, different types of accounts receivables packages and within global holding company structures.
The accurate and consistent analysis of a receivables portfolio lies at the heart of Global Limits Manager and is central to the many ways that clients use our product, for example:
  • As a trade credit risk management tool, without any form of credit risk transfer or trade credit insurance, providing easy access for senior management to key performance indicators
  • As the authorised and fully supported credit limit management service aligned with a AIG trade credit insurance policy or credit captive facility,
  • As the operational management system behind a trade finance facility, providing detailed receivables eligibility reporting and supporting a AIG Trade Finance solution.
To find out more about our Global Limits Manager product, please click the Demonstration button above for an interactive demonstration, or alternatively click the Contact Us button to contact us directly.
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